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Friends and Neighbors,

While trying to stay within the boundaries of the Governments decision during this time we will continue to be of service in anyway we can.

We are willing to hand out goods and provide services within our ability and the limits imposed.

There are not homes to quarentine the sick to, and no beds to be discharged home to for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and illness. In Lebanon we do not have shelter bed's or a place for phyisical recovery. This makes these people even more vulnerable. Donations to help those neighbors experiencing homelessness in order to gain these necessities are badly needed. Facforthehomeless.org

Thank you, Family Assistance and Resource Center Group


  • Can the mayor request hotels provide temporary shelter for those in need?

    jbien "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Under the local state of emergency the formal document reads: IT IS FURTHER DECLARED that the City and its officials shall be authorized to take such actions and issue such orders as are determined to be necessary to protect the public and property and efficiently conduct activities that minimize or mitigate the effect of the emergency; and IT IS FURTHER DECLARED that the City shall take all necessary steps authorized by law to coordinate response and recovery from this emergency, including but not limited to, requesting assistance and potential reimbursements from the State of Oregon and appropriate federal agencies; and IT IS FURTHER DECLARED that emergency procurements of goods and services are authorized pursuant to ORS 279B.080, ORS 279C.335(6), ORS 279.380( 4), and all other applicable rules.

    FAC "(over 1 year ago)"
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